5 Uses of Activated Charcoal for Daily Life

Activated Charcoal  is a carbon substance made up of natural ingredients. Generally, this type is sold in a powder or pill form.

Activated charcoal has long been recognized as a reliable binder or detoxifier for the body. These substances are generally produced through old oil palm shells or from sawdust. The charcoal is then activated to increase its surface area and binding.

Now, activated charcoal is widely used for various products such as soap, skincare, toothpaste etc. Activated charcoal has many other benefits apart from health. The following are the benefits of an active circuit in everyday life:

1. Absorbs odors

Activated charcoal is known to absorb odors, toxins and even chemicals in a room.

This is because negative ions from charcoal can attract positive ions in the air, such as dust, microfibers, chemicals, and pollutants.

These particles are discovered by charcoal through the same adsorption process as the body’s internal workings.

This makes activated charcoal widely used in water or air purification products.

2. Get rid of body odor

Body odors are as a result of a body’s inability to remove toxic compounds.

To get rid of body odor and bad breath, regularly take activated charcoal pills and drink as much water as possible.

By maximizing the elimination of toxins, the body will also clean various bacteria and the remnants of substances that can cause body odor.

3. Make food last longer

Activated charcoal absorbs all the toxins in the air which in turn keeps food storage space fresh.

4. Whiten teeth

Smokers and those who like to drink coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages, will undoubtedly have yellow teeth.

For this problem, activated charcoal can restore the natural color of bright teeth while maintaining oral health.

This substance serves to balance the levels of gums in the mouth, prevent cavities, repel lousy breath, and even help relieve gum disease.

You can apply Activated Charcoal onto your teeth by using it in a powdered form. Using a toothbrush, you are to brush your teeth as usual whilst stressing on the yellowed or stubborn stains. After that, rinse thoroughly and drink water.